Yiwu FENG JI Import & Export Co., Ltd.

A production and processing company with a focus on rubber product orders is Yiwu Fengji. Due to our specialization in the rubber business, we have been operating for 15 years and have earned a solid reputation among both domestic and international clients. We have gained more and more local and international consumers by providing exceptional service and high quality.

The company’s motto is “superior quality, competitive price, excellent service.”

From product development to the delivery of goods to the customer’s warehouse, our sales staff will work with you to assure the quality of your goods by attentively and meticulously tracking and observing every stage of the process.

#We are the No. 1 Yiwu agent in Yiwu, and we welcome businesspeople from all over the world. For every inquiry and production, our company promotes the slogan “SPEED and QUALITY”. SPEED denotes a 12-hour response time. QUALITY denotes that every shipment will undergo an internal, piece-by-piece inspection. Concerning the quality of the products you buy from our firm, you need not worry. Feel free to contact us!

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Please send email to sales@yiwuen.com or call +86 15267958555.