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2011, the Yiwu culture fair, will further highlight the trading function, focusing on practical results show, strengthen domestic and international exchanges and cooperation in cultural enterprises, highlighting the international and market-orientation features.

Now I want to give two diet culture. Everybody knows wine,yiwu have a famous wine, Baizi wine, also called Dingchen wine. Records about “Baizi Wine “could be found in the “Wild-off series”, written by Zhu Danxi, a famous doctor in Yuan Dynasty. Dingchen Wine is made from Zhejiang fine selected top-white glutinous rice, red yeast and some other natural raw materials. It is made by traditional brewing methods, and stored for three years. the color of the wine is as red as the color of date, it is as clear as amber, the fragrance is pure when smelling, refreshing soft when tasting, it had won the grand award in International West Lake Expo held in 1929, 1988 and 1993, it had also won the silver award in the first National Food Expo, and the gold award in the first Zhejiang Food Expo.

People who have been to Yiwu may have had the same feeling: when you walked into a yiwu restaurant, sat at the table, eyes on that piece of dough in the hands of the master, your heart will go with his hands rotating, rubbing, and pulling, then a thin slice of the meat pie will be ready for cooking. Then the master put it in the pan. With the sizzling sound, in just a minute, an amber colored meat pie with delicious smoking smell will be brought to you. This cake is called “Donghe meat pie”, in fact, should be called “two-layer wheat cake with meat.” It is named after its birthplace-Donghe village, Wudonghe town in Yiwu, it has a good reputation for its nicety in color, taste, and making method. You can find the delicacy in Huqing Gate and Xianqian Street and many other streets in downtown area, and some hotels also serve it as a special snack.

Today I introduced two special diet cultrue,we have 2011 yiwu fair schedule, if you like you could link it.

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