Yiwu Crystal wine bottle stoppers

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A Wine Bottle Stopper is perfect for anyone from the wine connoisseur to the casual entertainer. This stopper lets you seal your wine for short-term storage. The gripping area provides comfort when removing the crystal wine stopper from a bottle. Flexible ribs make the stopper easy to remove from, and place into the wine bottle. The Crystal Stopper accommodates all wine bottle sizes, and can be stored anywhere for convenience.

VIP Wine Stoppers are quality tested for functionality. They are durable and sturdy. Even though all VIP products have one of the best guarantees available, they’re so well made that you will probably never need it.

Simple and elegant bottle stopper is a popular wedding favor for couples who love wine. Chrome finish and a hammered metal look give this favor an artsy touch. Yiwu stopper rmarket is in the china international trade city, if you have a need ,please contact us.

yiwu stopper

yiwu stopper

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