Yiwu Creative Industry Association Was Founded

by | Sep 27, 2010 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Yiwu Creative Industry Association Was Founded

Yiwu Creative Industry Association held an inaugural meeting on September 26 to congratulate on its founding. The association will serve as a bridge among government, society and its members so as to promote the healthy development of creative industries in Yiwu.

The association is made up of 35 Yiwu enterprises engaged in creative industries voluntarily. Its business is in the charge of the Urban Economic Development Council and is under the professional guidance and supervision of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. In accordance with the Articles of Association, the association will assist the Government in formulating policies, regulations and standards in the field of creative industries and provide market trend of industrial development to the members. It also has to do well of information advisory services and orientation of policies, technology and market as well as to assist members to develop domestic and international markets. Besides, the association will positively arrange creative training to cultivate a group of talents in the field of planning and creativity.

On election of the first Council, Shengwu Luo was elected chairman of the association.

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