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Yiwu is situated in the eastern of China. Yiwu Market(International trade city) is the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market.

Yiwu’s population is estimated at 2 million, a huge difference from 403,200 in 1978. Yiwu is one of the most multicultural cities in China with the emigrant community covering most of the population, with less than 40% of the total being local.

Yiwu is a landmark for Made-in-China; some might even compare it to Shanghai Shenzhen or Guangzhou. Yiwu boasts remarkable markets, such as the International Trade City,the Binwang market,the Food Market and the Furniture market etc. and those markets covers about 1.7 million items, you can find anything imaginable in Yiwu Market. There are about 20 trade shows holded in Yiwu every year,such as Yiwu Fair, China Hardware Fair and China Yiwu Forest Products Fair etc..

Although Yiwu has been transformed into a modern city, it still has a strong Confucianism culture with a stretch of historical buildings. Whilst some may view this as a conflict of old meeting new, it is also considered to be a captivating city that offers both extremes; a traditional past interlinked with modern day.

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