Town Yiwu


Town Yiwu

Yiwu is the largest small commodity wholesale market. Its total area is about 1,102 square kilometers and the total population is 1,234,000. Yiwu city owns 6 town Yiwu. Town Yiwu includes the Fotang Town, Shangxi Town, Yiting Town, Chian Town, Suxi Town, Dacheng Town. 

With the geography of this town Yiwu, there many factories were established in these towns. So the economy of these towns grows rapidly. For example, the Dacheng Town, it is named as China shirt town; there are about 550 factories in this 136 square kilometers area. Town Yiwu attaches them to the Yiwu market to develop them and also develop the economy of the whole Yiwu city. 

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