Tough as Japanese Order Is , It Is Welcomed

by | Dec 10, 2010 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

In Yiwu market, many factories have received Japanese orders.  “Japan’s orders is so hard to finish. Though the Japanese businessmen do not care about the price, but in order to make the template that can meet their strict requirements, I haven’t slept well for at least a week ,” a luggage dealers of International Trade City Miss Zhao said. The oder is for a Japanese customer who need souveniers for a concert of some rock star in Japan in November. The Japanese customer was very strict with product quality and even required Miss Zhao to improve the product templet for three or four times during their tight working days. To a small cosmetic bag, only the embroidery process take  Miss Zhao much time to go and check with the embroidery factory,let alone the time and energy she spent on searching for materials and making templet.

Coincidentally, another company of producing scratch pad also met the same situation. One of the factory leaders showed us a piece of scratch pad which has been ordered by Japanese customers. The leather box with excellent workmanship looks very delicate and the quality is good. But then he pointed  a very inconspicuous pinhole on the leather to us and explained, “The needle may be left by the animal because of vaccination and actually it is not conspicuous, but when the Japanese customer inspects our products, it is regarded as defective, left in our factory. ”

On one hand, suppliers complain the strict requirements from Japanese customers, and on the other hand, Miss Zhao and the scratch pad factory leader are full of gratitude to the Japanese customers. Yiwu market is famous for its low-cost while low-quality products. But since we receive the order from Japanese customers, at least it shows that Yiwu products can meet the high quality requirments of Japanese products. In the past, “Yiwu quality” is not high, not because we can not do it , but because we do not want to do it. High quality in many small and medium labor-intensive factories in Yiwu usually means low efficiency. Although the high efficiency means high producing, we still can not get high profits. So, though the Japan orders are very troublesome and inconvenient to produce, it is also a whip which stimulate Yiwu quality to develop in a high quality and high profit way. Just a what Miss Zhao have said, because we want long-term development of our factory,  although the order is hard to manufacture, we still welcome Japanese orders.

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