To promote yiwu fairs’professional level by increasing the featured products proportion

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In September 9, we know that 2010 the 16th China Yiwu international commodity fair, the third China yiwu international Forest Products fair, 2011 China yiwu cultural products trade fair and 2011 China international tourist commodity fair, that is, the four yiwu fairs preliminary meeting was hold in yiwu international trade center ocean business tower. Yiwu city leaders Chen xiuxian, Guokai, Ji jinpu attend the meeting.

There are more than 2000 enterprises signned up in the 16th China Yiwu international commodity fair, which involes in 15 industries. And the registered exhibition boots have over 4000, the working to arrange the exhibition boots is doing now orderly. The Africa commodity fair as a bright pot in this fair also have booked for 200. Africa commodity fair have been hold in China for three times, this time will choose yiwu to hold, they take a fancy to the internationalism of yiwu. Additionally, this fair’s exhibition boots of traditional exhibition area also have practicalble basically.

The third China yiwu international forest products fair will be hold in 2010 November 1 to 4, which mainly consist of exhibition trade, creative activity, meeting and Montana activities the four plates. Currently, the registered exhibition boots have exceeded 2200, which have accomplished its expected goal above the quota. Yiwu wholesale market is a famous market around the world, in there, you can get all the things only you can think.

Cultural products fair and tourist commodity fair will be hold in 2011, but the preparation working also have begun to do. Among them, cultural products fair will achieve the mode of “market-oriented operation based, government promotion supplement”gradually, and strive to increase the proportion of trade cultural products to strongthen the speciallised degree of this fair. Forest products fair will do well about its main purpose and make a creativity in its mode and form, which can make this fair more attractive and influenced.

Yiwu city leaders show in the meeting, the next work of this four fairs is to invite those guests who will attend the yiwu fair. At present, the most important point is to do well for the arranging work.

Nowadays, all of the four fairs are moved to yiwu international exbition center, the hardware of fairs also promoted, this center was built according to “digitalization, internationalization and hommization”,to stand out the idea of “green, environmental friendly and energy-efficient”. The whole area of this center is 240408 square meters, which can provide 5256 international standard exhibition boots, and it is also a symbolic building in yiwu to make yiwu become a international trading famous city.

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