three beautiful alternatives to the traditional wedding veil


How a bride presents herself on her wedding day says a lot about her personality. Bridal styles run the gamut, each bride with her own vision. Gone are the days of the cookie-cutter wedding. Whether the bride wants to appear demure and traditional or modern and sexy, every bride wants to look and feel beautiful. Just as important as what the bride wears on her body. A giant train of tulle attached to your head with a pointy comb doesn't exactly sound comfortable, does it? Luckily there are three beautiful alternatives to the traditional wedding veil.


Great alternative to the traditional wedding veil is flowers. A fragrant suggestion is to have your hair stylist work in some fresh blooms into your hairstyle. You cannot go wrong with flowers. A note of caution for Brides getting married in especially warm weather: Flowers can wilt after spending too much time in the heat. If you are getting married in very warm weather or at a tropical location, you may want to opt for artificial blooms. They can be just beautiful and are much heartier!


I know what you are probably thinking. "Headband!” please knows I am not suggesting any ordinary headband. Beautiful wedding inspired headbands decorated with jewels and Swarovski crystals. Some have a very retro feel to them and exude old time elegance; others are distinctly modern and hip. Price ranges vary of the size and intricacy of the design. Any of the headbands would look gorgeous with a wedding gown, no matter the style. The headband can be a beautiful, understated accessory to put in your hair, or it can be the crown jewel to your wedding attire.


Combs can be a beautiful addition to any bridal hair style. Elegant and classic, combs are easy to place in any hairstyle, and are not cumbersome to wear like a large tiara or veil.  Whether you go for a small hair accent or an elaborate focal piece, decorative hair combs are a great way to top off your look.

Your bridal attire should reflect who you are as a person, not someone else. Have fun designing your bridal look!

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