The turnover of China Commodity City is 18.282 billion yuan First half year

by | Jul 4, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

July just begun, Yiwu market, came the good news, according to the latest data released by the business sector of yiwu, the first half of this year, the total turnover of Yiwu fairs is 25.732 billion yuan, an increase of 3.42%, with turnover of China Commodity City 18.282 billion yuan, an increase of 8.1%.

According to relevant statistics, 1-4 months of this year, Yiwu total import and export $ 993 million, up by 24.09%; which export $ 895 million, up by 22.02%. It is particularly worth mentioning is that Yiwu market in Latin America, ASEAN, “BRIC” emerging export markets have been strong, from January to May this year, Yiwu Customs exports to ASEAN by $ 300 million, up 32.4%; exports to India $ 170 million, an increase of 94.7%.

January to may of this year, the Zhejiang Industry and Commerce, Yiwu Municipal People’s Government and the China Credit Research Center of Peking University jointly issued the credit index in Yiwu market, the monthly average for the first time rose to a high of around 140 points, markets of Yiwu merchants satisfaction index also hit record highs, the index shows business environment in Yiwu market is the best period in history. With the continuous optimization of business environment, first half year of the Yiwu market players in the total volume also set a record high of 165,000, an increase of 13.02%.

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