The third Africa commodity exhibition will hold in Yiwu

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In September 7, we know from commodities exhibition company that the third Africa commodity exhibition which is sponsored by State Commerce Department will be hold in yiwu in October 21 to 25, and it will be hold with the 16th China yiwu international commodity fair at the same time, the relative 200 international standard exhibition boots have been set in yiwu international exhibition center, this is also the first time for yiwu to hold this fair.

In recent years, yiwu enterprises export to Africa increased for a average of 29%. Aomong those Afican countries which have trade contacts with yiwu, there are 21 countries’ export volume is higher than Europe and America marekets, such as Algeria, Egypt, Angola, Ghana, and so on. The export volume growing of more than 40%, the giant consumption potential of the emerging market has been released quickly.

The main purpose of This fair is to show the tradition of Afric and their traditional commodity, such as precious stone, textile, handicraft, coffee, seasoning, and other mine products, food and farm products, etc. During the fair, we will invite thousands of superstores, chain stores, export merchants to visit and negotiate, which can open up the civil trade chanel between China and Africa.

Nowadays, the trading departments which is constitute by Africans who are staying at yiwu have been more than 300, and those African merchants who are doing business at yiwu market also have exceeded 1000. in 2009, yiwu commodities have exported to Africa for 16,000, the whole value have overed 400,000,000 dollars. At the same time, a majority of advantage commodities coming into yiwu market.

In order to further promote Africa enterprises to attend this fair, Chinese government will provide the following privileges to those attend fair enterprises:

1, those enterprises who are attending the fair can enjoy the free standard exhibition boots (3m * 3m). and also will provide two desks, 3 chairs, riggle, 3 spotlights, blunket, 9 laminates, one outlet and one trash can freely.

2, enjoy free advertising to their products and enterprises, also free to print handbooks.

3, provide free products customs clearance, and transport exhibition products from customs to exhibition hall.

4, if participation countries want to hold a introducing their country activity, China will provide council house, conference facility and translator freely, and also invite Chinese media and relative enterprises to attend your activity.

5, after this yiwu fair, China will organize all the Africa merchants to investigate your commodities market freely.

6, provide the service to book hotels which is near from the exhibition hall, the participation enterprises can choose the hotels which China arranged or arranged by yourself.

Welcome to attend the third Africa commodity exhibition!

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