The rising price of gold

by | Aug 23, 2010 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Hot sale for Yiwu gold accessories Different from the last month, the international price of gold has gone up to 1200USD per ounce in the fifteenth trading day in August. It is resulted in the increasing sales of gold accessories.
The more expensive, the more purchases
It said that gold bar was about 264Y per gram at the beginning of August, but aroud 271 y yesterday, increasing by 2.6%. On the other hand, gold accessory was about 276 y per gram, but 284 y per gram, increasing 2.89%. But it is strange that even the gold price is going up, consumers are eager to purchase more, reported in some gold accessory shops in yiwu.
We had a good sale in gold accessories, each day could sell several. The consumers are in favor of gold accessory for its stable or up value because the gold price is increasing. Besides, the Chinese Valentine’s Day on Monday impacted the selling. Miss Fu from Gujin Jewelry told to the reporter.
She also revealed that it was not good in this period of passed years. Most of people would choose wear pearl or crystal jewelry in summer. If people wear gold accessory, platinum is much better than gold. Miss Fu said that especially in the eyes of young people, compared to the vulgar gold, they prefer to bright and fashion platinum.

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