The jewelry wholesale market in China


The jewelry wholesale market in China

Whoever you are, as long as your business relate to jewelry product, you should pay attention to this page. And you should note the jewelry wholesale market in China. 

The jewelry wholesale market in China is very popular, and it attracts a lot of businessmen altogether, there you can find large quantity as much as you want. The jewelry market is located in international trade city district one, the second floor. 

It is fact that the jewelry products are of thousands kinds of design, and in Yiwu market, almost every design they would export to other countries. The jewelry products are of different design, and most of them are greatly welcomed by its world customers.

However except the international jewelry market, in Chouzhou Road, there also has different material for jewelry products. 

All in all, the jewelry wholesale market in China is very popular, let alone in Yiwu city. China Yiwu city is also very suitable to the world businessmen. If you would like to know more information, please feel free to contact us.

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