TGV Shanghai From Yiwu


TGV Shanghai from Yiwu

Yiwu is very near to the big city, Shanghai. It’s about 100 kilometers. And there are many TGV Shanghai from Yiwu. It is very convenient to yiwu from shanghai or from Shanghai to Yiwu. 

TGV Shanghai from Yiwu is very fast to save passengers’ time. They only take less than 3 hours. It says that time is money, so saving time is saving money. There are 7 TGV Shanghai from Yiwu, passengers can choose one of them. The earliest one sets off at 10:00 and the last one in one day sets off at 19:58. People can go to Shanghai by TGV Shanghai from Yiwu very quickly and convenient. 

Train Number From ETD To TOA Time

D5482/D5483 Yiwu 10:00 Shanghai South 12:00 2h47min

D92 Yiwu 11:31 Shanghai South 13”54 2h23min

D5662 Yiwu 12:12 Shanghai South 14:27 2h16min

D5664 Yiwu 17:26 Shanghai South 19:59 2h33min

D5692 Yiwu 17:32 Shanghai South 20:07 2h35min

D5654 Yiwu 18:15 Shanghai South 20:39 2h24min

D98 Yiwu 19:58 Shanghai South 22:07 2h9min

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