yiwu to shanghai ticket

In 2012 Spring period, Yiwu carry out real-name ticket system

this morning from Yiwu News learned that from January 1, 2012, Yiwu Railway ticketing system reformed, the passengers are requested to a real-name ticket (including origin station of Yiwu and all trips the train passed). when to buy the tickets and draw up at the station, you need to present a valid ID. Yiwu police […]

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Yiwu to shanghai ticket by bullet train

Yiww Railway station is a first-class grade station,there are hundreds of regular train arrive and leave.The follow is the Train schedule of yiwu to shanghai : Train No. Departs Arrives Duration Distance(km) Seat Fares(RMB) Hard Sleeper Fares(RMB) Soft Sleeper Fares(RMB) 2002 Yiwu 00:14 Shanghai South 04:23 4h9m 312 41/- 81/84/86 124/130 K528 Yiwu 01:03 Shanghai […]

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