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Yiwu market have variety product of Pumps

For high pressure applications, there are a variety of pumps that are used and installed to manage the work for different set of industries. The pumps are widely used around the world and they are manufactured with unique skills of designing and engineering. Finding their way in the most significant work sites, the pumps have […]

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How to chose the speaker for hom theather

The standard theater arrangement is of course a screen at one end of the room, with one central speaker, one speaker to each side of the screen, two speakers providing surround left and right, and sometimes a speaker providing surround rear. If you have your room arranged this way, chances are good that you call […]

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Make your car attractive using stickers

Embellish your vehicle with beautiful custom stickers for cars! The stickers not only look attractive but also reflect your style. The yiwu market has wide range of designs available to the buyers and they can either browse through them or get one or they can also get their own sticker designed by the company. You […]

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National flag flown in yiwu market

These days, we find that red flags are weaving in a lot of booths in Yiwu market. As the dealers in Yiwu market want to express their love to the motherland. For the 62th anniversary of the china national day which have just gone. A national flag is a flag that symbolizes a country. The […]

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Lace is So Lovely

I love lace, so I was happy to hear from the yiwu market news that lace has made a come back on the runway for this spring and fall. The Journal shows how lace is still made today after decades of its virtual disappearance from the fashion world. I hope a revival of this ancient art can be […]

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Patches is a necessities in daily life

My memory about patches is when I am a student in high school,the patch is very hot,though I don’t like it very much,bu I have bought two in my desk ,since I never took out when the high school is end.we have sewing pathes on cloth pockt, pants ass.it is emblem fashion.though now i think […]

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Nowadays badges

When talk about badges,the first memory is a cap badge, also known as head badge or hat badge, is a badge worn on uniform headgear and distinguishes the wearer’s organisation. The wearing of cap badges is a convention commonly found among military and police forces, as well as uniformed civilian groups such as the Boy Scouts, civil […]

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Yiwu market emerge another new trademarket

A few days ago, Typhoon “Nanmadol” landed in Fujian, Yiwu is not affected, just some rain, cool. However, because a lot of media have been reported, part of the trademark speculators keep eyes on his popular term, to be registered as trademarks. “Indeed, some customers have this idea.” Lot of trademark agency official told reporters […]

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Overstocks from Yiwu market

With our huge suppliers base in yiwu, we offer stocks from yiwu factories direct. These items are perfect for liquidation and close out buyers, as well as dolloar stores.  We are one of the largest import and export agent in yiwu and have partnership with many overstock dealers in yiwu. If you are looking for stock […]

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