Silver ornaments for man become popular


Silver ornaments for man become popular

Nowadays, not only women, but also men are wearing ornaments on different parts of the body,such as arm,neck and ear.Men who like trendy fashion wear ornaments with expensive or cheap mental and stone.In their minds, the ideal fashion accessories are those that can make themselves stylish but not over-decorated. In recent years, men’s ornaments are coming out continuously, especially men’s silver ornaments,such as tie pin, brooch, bracelet, necklace, finger ring, etc. In the past years, the thick necklaces and finger rings of gold, platinum materials were popular in Yiwu because of the low living conditions and consumption levels., however, silver ornaments become a new favorite in Yiwu market

 Men’s silver ornaments are popular in Yiwu market, partly because of the influence of stars and singers. More and more male film star and singers like wearing silver ornaments. Another reason for the hot sales of silver ornaments in Yiwu is that silver is not as expensive as gold and platinum, but showing its unique temperament

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