Shopping at Yiwu wholesale market advice


Shopping at Yiwu wholesale market advice

Yiwu wholesale market in Yiwu city is very popular; almost everyone in Yiwu even in the world all knows Yiwu wholesale market. So many people would like to know shopping at Yiwu market advice.

The represent of Yiwu world trade market is the international trade city. There are five districts almost of all kinds of commodities. The products are divided into different categories. For example, the district1, there are four floors and each floor has it products. The first floor is about different kinds of toys and flowers; the second floor is about hair ornament and jewelry and the third floor is decorative arts and crafts; the fourth floor is direct sale center of manufacture. This is the market of all kinds of small commodities.

Yiwu wholesale market in Yiwu working hours usually start at 8:00, but some other will start at 8:30 or later, however the best time for you to go to the market will start at 9 AM, and this is the best time.

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