Shopping and Eating in Yiwu

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Shopping and Eating in Yiwu

When you come to Yiwu, you should know some information about shopping and eating in Yiwu.

It is well known that Yiwu is famous for its various kinds of small commodities. When you walk into Yiwu Futian market or other markets, you will feel surpriesd and excited because there are thousands of different kinds of products presenting before your eyes. Also, you can buy the beautiful goods in low price. Every year, many buyers at home and abroad come to Yiwu to purchase the goods they want. It is convenient for people buying goods in Yiwu because the transportation system in Yiwu is complete. Apart from shopping in Yiwu, you can also enjoy the delicious food there.   

The "East River Patty" is very famous in Yiwu and tastes delicious. Its birthplace was in Yiwu west streets. It enjoys high reputation because its sophisticated and delicate making process and its good taste and its nice color. You can enjoy this delicious food in Qing Gate, County Street and many shops in alleys in the city. Some large restaurants or hotels also regard it as special snacks. 

Therefore, when you have the opportunity to come to Yiwu, you should experience tne fun of shopping and eating in Yiwu. If you want to know more about shoppping and eating in Yiwu, you can contact us. We will provide the best services for you.

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