Seasonal factors leading yiwu market

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Seasonal factors leading yiwu market

For the coming summer and rising temperature, seasonal factors are leading YiWu market. Summer jewelry market is popular and the prices of foot ornament products, body jewelry products in domestic trade market and foreign trade market are steady. Purchasers prepare sunglasses and goggles etc actively. And the demands of goods such as bathroom accessories and cleaning produces and so on are increasing sharply and the market is enouraging.

Among 15 kinds of goods, 10 of them, such as electronic &electric appliance, apparel class, watches and glasses ect, the prices are growing with the highest grow rate at 2.08 ; other 5 kinds such as Needle· textile category, cultural office supplies class, bag ect, the prices are falling in difficient degrees with the lowest fall rate at 1.19. In 97 secondary categories, the rising proportation is 29%, falling proportion of 36% and flat proportation is 35%. People go outside more for sports because of the rising temperature, which leads to creeping up sales of outdoor sports related supplies, for example, goggles. It is reported that there are various kinds of goggles in the international trade market and all of them are in fashionable and exquisite styles. Miss Liang in the shop told the reporter that the goggles are produced not only with high quality but also with complete functions. “In addition to have basic waterproof function, some goggles even have anti-mist and anti-ultraviolet functions. Nearsighted persons can also choose a range from 150 degrees to 900 degrees,” Miss liang said,” at each side of the goggles, there is a adjustable device to have users use them more convenient and comfortable. And every goggle has two reserved interchangable nose buckles which would adjust the width freely. The sales and prices of sunglasses are steady and part sales of them are going strong. Along with the tourist season comes, all kinds of sunglasses batch purchase quantity is increasing gradually. Various new goggles, diving mirror in domestic and foreign markets are grounding one after another. Orders both from domestic and foreign markets are placed constantly and the turnover keeps steady.

As summer is comming, the seasonal factors have a strong influence on YiWu market and all businessmen of hot selling commodities should catch the chance.

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