Santa Claus has to “tighten his belt”

by | Dec 1, 2010 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Growing price has affected the material of goods.Although the santa claus’s price in Yiwu International Trade City does not grow obviously, but their life is less nourishing than several years ago.The filler in their belly is pp cotton, sponge sand and their cloths is made up of chemical fibre and dacron etc.

Christmas is coming, and the Christmas goods order in Yiwu market has basically completed. At present only domestic or retail dealers are still purchasing Christmas goods. Some merchants who are preparing to capture the Christmas business opportunities found that the red cotton clothes on Santa Claus have be replaced by chemical fibre and dacron clothes, and that the fillings become sponge, pp cotton or polyfoam instead of cotton. For this reason, the growth of price in this year is not obviously than last year,but the softness and plumpness is inferior to last year’s. Sometimes we can clearly notice that Christmas is “malnourished” this year. Of course,if you want to choose superiour quality goods, you will have to accept the reality of substantially rising price.

According to the introduction of a “shop-factory” household of International Trade City, this year the price of raw materials for Santa Claus,cotton and plastic and etc., has rised varying degrees, even the price of small accessories doubled. In order to avoid big growth of product price, manufacturers have to replace original raw materials. For examples,to a 1.2 metres high Santa Claus, wearing a coat of cotton and wearing a coat of chemical fibre clothes, the cost differs for 30 yuan.

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