Prices of Christmas Dinner Will Increase By 10% in Yiwu

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Prices of Christmas Dinner Will Increase By 10% in Yiwu

Yiwu now becomes more and more morden,and western Christmas Day is two weeks away! We know from many Yiwu hotels and western restaurants that some consumers have gone to consult the content of Christmas dinner. Some impatient young people have even booked the seats without asking for the specific pricelist.

“A consumer has booked Christmas Eve dinner as early as two weeks ago.” Yiwu  Hotel catering manager Tu Xiaodong said. The customer is in charge of a company. He booked 20 seats in the western restaurant of the hotel, planning to spend Christmas day together with all staff.

In the chain store of Yiwu Shore Coffee, there are more than 20 customers that have booked dinners on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. “However, this year the prices of Christmas dinner have to be determined later.” sales director of the store Mr. Wu told us. Last year some consumers came late and there were no seat available. So this year they started the reservation work earlier than before.

According to Mr Wu, the affiliated 10 chain stores have started the Christmas decoration work since last week and now it is finished basically. From the main entrance to the balconies and corridors, a variety of scene sets create strong Christmas atmosphere. The Christmas dinner reservation peak may arrive next week.

Known from Yiwu Kingdom Hôtel and some other star catering enterprises, except the group reservation like companies and units, consumers aged 25~40 are the main consuming groups of Christmas dinner. Some of them are lovers and some are relatives and friends.

Affected by the price raise of raw materials and labor costs, this year the prices of Christmas dinner are generally up by 10%. Take Christmas dinner of Yihe Hotel for example, last year it was 210 yuan per person while this year it is 238 yuan per person. If you don’t reserve, the fee is calculated according to the menu.

In spite of the slightly higher price of Christmas dinner, the overall consumer groups are expected to be no less. The reason is that this year Christmas Day happens to be on Saturday, either dealers or white-collar workers all have enough time to arrange activities in Yiwu.

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