Plastics Corporation “Ah-chin” Is to Come Back “Home” on Yiwu Fair 2010

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Plastics Corporation “Ah-chin” Is to Come Back “Home” on Yiwu Fair 2010

Yiwu Ah-chin Plastics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer producing mass feeding-bottles, nipples and baby utensils, most of which are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Many domestic high-end feeding-bottle manufacturers have also placed purchasing orders for customized top-leval nipples.
The company now has independent brands such as “Small Potatoes”, “Love” and so on., among which “Small Potatoes” has become the flagship international brand.

“Small Potatoes is internationally well-known, while in the domestic market(Browse Yiwu market), it is almost a blank.” said Zhuzheng Wang, principal of the company. Now they are trying to promote the brand in domestic market through opening on-line shop, recruiting agents and setting sales sites in stores etc.

“Ah-chin” company was greatly inspired from the Yiwu Fair 2009 and began to spare no efforts to reduce costs. Wang told us, “the key point of reducing costs is to improve product quality and reduce business risk . We have to continuously improve the processes and materials with initiative.” In accordance with the rising of labor costs, the company upgraded production lines and brought in automatic equipment so as to enhance productivity.

This year, the company has applied four booths of the Fair(see Yiwu Fair 2010) and is to display a series of feeding-bottles made from brand new environmentally friendly materials as well as luxury pads. From production to sales, through a year of strategic adjustment, Ah-chin Plastics Corporation hope “Small Potatoes” products can attract more foreign purchasers on the Fair and as well come back home to enlarge its business in domestic market.

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