Pictures from Yiwu market china


Pictures from Yiwu market china

Today, Yiwu is a prosperous international trade city with active markets, booming economy and stable society. The trade industry has been leading the trend in the regional economy. Currently, the Yiwu commodity market possesses an area of 1.5 million sq.m. with 40,000 stores/stalls. It covers 28 categories and about 400,000 varieties of daily consumer goods. Throughput is nearly 10,000 tons. The market business volume ranks the top of the nationwide large special markets for 12 successive years. It has become the wholesale market of China, and even the world.

Here some pictures from Yiwu market china:








Those picture is took by our staff xiaomao in yiwu market china when she is working with her amercian custome bibi.












 The following is also took by xiaomao too.












This picture is took by our spanish transter with her spanish customs.



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