Our love


 Our love

Once upon a time,i asked somebody what is love,he said it is a feeling from the heart,no word can describe that.and i asked another one,she said love is that all the time i will miss him,and he will miss me too,whenever you are happy or sad,he will company with you anytime.when he is outside,he always miss me,and this is the power of his job.and me too.however how it is hard,he always support me.simple life also is a kind of happiness.

Love is like a long distance race,every coupon will have quarrel,but it will increase the feelings between the lovers,and then they will know more by each other.

To love,you need have a tolerate heart,do not be suspicious.then your love will be forever. In all,love is sacred.only the lovers know the feelings ,nobody can comment your love.

If you have love,you are a happy person,so please cherish your love,do not say breaking up easily.  Love is worshipfully.  


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