Not Only Orders

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Not Only Orders

“We harvested not only orders at the Yiwu Fair but also the opportunity for female agents all over the country to get together to exchange entrepreneurial experience.” Female agent Rong Mi from Sinkiang Production and Construction Corps said at the “Market Drives Thousands of Villages” C.M.T. Display.

Till the closing day of Yiwu Fair, National Women’s Federation C.M.T. Quality Goods Pavilion accepted totally 1018 orders with the processing charge up to nearly 150 million yuan.

Female agent from Guizhou Miao Nationality Tingzhen Zhang used to take a camera and learn the products packaging and design from other booths when she was free. “Our hometown is very poor, as the village party secretary, I want to bring back what I learn from the Fair to teach the village women and help them get rich.”

Next to the e-commerce exhibition area, Mingsu Wang from Hebei province was greatly impressed by the training of e-commerce during the Fair and said, “I want to open a Taobao shop after I go back and sell our cashmere products on the internet.”

In addtition to attending the Yiwu Fair, the female agents from 28 provinces, cities and municipalities have also positively jointed with subsidiary food market, clothing market and the International Trade City and were inclined to participate in the Forest Fair, Cultural Fair and some other exhibitions to make full use of the source of Yiwu markets and exhibitions to develop C.M.T.

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