More Than Half African Products Will Be on Display on Yiwu Fair 2010

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More Than Half African Products Will Be on Display on Yiwu Fair 2010

69 enterprises will fully display special African products

The 3rd African Commodities Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “African Exhibition”) will be held on the 16th China Yiwu International Commodities Fair. Till now the recruitment has been finished. There will be more than half of African countries and regions to attend the exhibiton. Compared with the former exhibitions, this one is a large improvement no matter in terms of scale or exhibits category.

A staff of Yiwu Exhibition Office said, “After a thorough consideration of the degree of internationalization of Yiwu Fair, foreign activity and other factors, the State Department of Commerce in particular arranged the 3rd African Commodities Exhibition be held in conjunction with Yiwu Fair 2010 in the purpose of expanding China’s imports from African countries to promote the healthy development of economic and trade relations between China and African countries.”

The African Pavilion has a total of 218 booths, including 200 booths for enterprises’ products and the rest 18 for trade talks.Of the 69 exhibitors, some are from Algeria, some are from Ethiopia and other countries and regions, including some of the local leading enterprises.

It is learned that all items on display are special African products with very strong geographical and cultural features and sell well in China and other regions in Asia. The category of goods on display is rich in sufficient amount, mainly covers handicrafts, wood carvings, leather goods, traditional clothing, copper, coffee, cashew nuts, cocoa beans, olive oil and so on with the addition of jewelry, minerals, precious stones, construction materials etc.

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