Minimum order quantity in Yiwu market

Minimum order quantity in Yiwu market

 What the minimum order quantity in yiwu market?Normally the Minimum Order Quantity is 1 carton per item  in Yiwu market; some other items may require more than 1 carton. For jewelry, the minimum order quantity varies from dozens to hundreds .Some shops also have stock on floor. For stocks, you can just buy 1 dozen.

Bags are usually 200 pcs too. But for bags, you can usually have several colors. That’s to say, you find one bag you want to order, then you need to order at least 200 pcs for this bag. Usually you can have red, black and brown… a few colors.

For scarves, the MOQ is usually 300 pcs per design. But this all depend on the availability of fabrics. If this fabric is hard to get, then MOQ can 500pcs.

Shoes MOQ is also about 200-300 pairs. But for cheap sandals, the MOQ can be as big as 5000 pairs.

Home accessories are very different. For expensive products like Chandeliers, MOQ is only 1 piece. But for small things like birthday candles or small Christmas dolls, MOQ can be 10,000 pcs.


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