Logistics construction of Yiwu

by | Jun 30, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

“The next five years, combined with the comprehensive reform of international trade, the city will invest 19 billion yuan, accelerating inland port station, the domestic commodity logistics center, commodity export control centers, integrated logistics bonded area ect. 12 major projects to enhance the logistics load force, and built to meet the “Yiwu port ‘efficient collection and distribution system.” And the domestic logistics centers strive to start construction within the year.

China Yiwu Small Commodity Logistics Center is the main block of the domestic logistics development, Yiwu station, Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway Terminal to Xu Yongjin Expressway west. The project planning area of approximately 2740.8 acres, estimated total investment is 4.7 billion, mainly west of the international goods market with logistics and warehousing logistics needs loading, warehousing and logistics to meet the manufacturing, logistics transformation of existing freight loading upgrade, cargo net logistics and express delivery needs. The overall project will create the domestic first-class modern logistics industry cluster.

It is understood that the project will be “a plan, phased implementation,” in which a plan 589.6 acres of land, now according to plan, project filing a notice of project site selection has also been approved and issued. In addition, the project feasibility study and environmental assessment, Shuibaofangan have been accredited, as of June 2, has been initialed agreement with city west Choujiang street four villages, third-line relocation, traffic impact assessments are orderly manner.

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