Light a candle

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In the early period in history ,the candle is use for giving a light,but now it become a necessory ornament in birthday party, wedding banquet.varity kinds of candle not only smell good ,but also very jasmine scented candles,raspberry scented candles,coffee scented candles,fruit candles,floating candles,animal-shaped candle.
Candles is an comparatively old business. If you also like candles like me ,you  could purchase it from Yiwu,cause there are Some of the Yiwu candle producers are already in candle business for 10+ years.About 100 shops scattered on Floor 3, District one of the futian market. A few more shops in district 4 are also selling candles. Hope the candle could take a good luck for your guys who love candle,here I will send a candle picture which lighted by myself for today a special day!thanks!
yiwu candle

yiwu candle

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