July European Union take special measures of kitchenware in China

by | Jun 29, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Recently, the European Commission adopted a regulation (EU) No284/2011, requires all EU member states from July 1 , polyamide and melamine plastic tableware or kitchenware produced or imported form china are take special measures.

It is regulate the polyamide and melamine plastic tableware and kitchenware produced or shipped from China, the importer must provide limit quantity requirements of the EU statement of products of primary aromatic amines and formaldehyde, together with the corresponding test report; member for the cargo to specify a specific entry port and posted the ports of entry list on the Internet; member States of 10% according to the proportion of imported goods for sampling. According to regulations, only after passing all the checks completed and the goods can flow freely into the EU market, otherwise, Member States shall immediately notify by the European Commission rapid alert system, and to take relevant control measures.

It is understood that Europe’s 80 percent of plastic tableware and kitchenware products come from China, but also European is the highest entry requirements region. The new EU directive is strict, not only have higher requirements for formaldehyde limits, and provides 10% imported goods for sampling. Prior to that, as long as the product attached the domestic testing report, the chances to sampling are very small.

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