Jewelery Industry —Make It Possible From Fashion to Classic

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Held in late November of 2010, China Yiwu International Jewelery Exhibition displays jewelry and fashion accessories side by side for the first time. Both exhibitors and businessmen have given a lot of praise on it. As one of the dominant industries of Yiwu, again fashion jewelry has been concerned by insiders and outsiders. How will the “fashion colors” of Yiwu jewelry shinning during Chinese government’s 12th five year plan?

“Jewelry industry is the pillar industry in our city, and at present Yiwu has become a national and international production base and distribution center,” the Jewelry Industry Association secretary general, Chen Ruji said. Last June, the provincial government has list the jewelry industry into the province’s 21 transitional and upgrading industrial clusters, helping jewelery industry secure a good opportunity and achieve a second take-off in the 12th five year’s plan.

Yiwu jewelry industry started from the nineties of last century and keep developing relying on market. Yiwu have won the recognition of “China Fashion Jewelry city”, ” Zhejiang Province jewelry brand bases “, “Zhejiang simulation model jewelry export control zone of quality and safety ” and so on, accumulating a lot of advantages.

Yiwu trade advantages —Market advantage, the industrial chain advantage, distribution advantage, brand, technology leadership and support advantages, is quite obvious compared to other places, introduced by Chen Jiru. Yiwu International Trade City is the world’s largest commercial distribution center for smallwares, among which the jewelry industry is the most popular and have the best-selling product. Late last year, according to statistics, in international trade city the jewelry business staff is more than 8,000 people and there are more than 2,800 retail booths and 1514 accessory stores in professional accessory Street. The jewelery district of International Trade City has seven categories of more than 800,000 products with annual sales of more than 15 billion RMB.

At present, the production and sales amount of Yiwu jewelry account for 70% of domestic market and 49% of international market. However, there still exists the problems of less development impetus, low level manufacturer, defectiveness of scientific growth, extensive producing way and backward management. All these problems need to be solved during the 12th Five Year’s Plan, one official of the City Economic Development bureau said.

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