International Express full Warehouse from Yiwu

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International Express full Warehouse from Yiwu Followed By The European Snow Trouble,”Orders placed by foreign jobbers between the end of  November and mid-December are for Christmas Shopping,” said Oscar, the CEO of Amanda Group. Each year’s Christmas is the consumption peak in Europe and the United States. Big and small merchants all want to get profit from Christmas economy. Especially for the rapid growth of those small online foreign trade promoted by small wholesalers’ cross-border e-procurement, the sales nearly amount to a quarter’s sales amount of other periods.

Business is good, but international express parcels sent to foreign countries are not going to save troubles fot sellers at all. The proliferation of international express package volume makes a “full warehouse” phenomenon. AliExpress sellers Wujian told reporters,” Although Christmas is over, the ‘warehouse explosion’ phenomenon still need a few days to remit.”

In recent days some European countries experienced snowfall, resulting in several delayed or canceled flights over the countries, which greatly influenced the international express transport.

“international express delivery sent to Europe usually need 7-10 days to reach the recipient, but because of the full express warehouse coupled with heavy snow, the express time extended to 18-25 days.” Jiangbiao said that the parcle he sent to UK on December 10th has not been received, which makes him and the buyers worried. Jiang was lucky that he didn’t sell Christmas products. “If I sent Christmas products which were not recieved after Christmas time, it will not only make loss to buyers but also lead to disputes.” After constantly communication, he finally get understanding from buyers.

Delay is only one problem and discount from international express delivery is also reduced. Xiachuan, who is in charge of a freight forwarding company of Yiwu,said that after they get parcles from small online foreign trade sellers, generally  they sent to foreign countries through Shanghai. However, as it is almost the end of year, several EMS international express outlet offices are not willing to accept parcels, and express cost rose from the normal 45% discount to over 60% discount. You also need to queue up waiting for delivery from Yiwu.

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