Industry association Yiwu


Industry association Yiwu

Industry association Yiwu plays a great important role in the development of the Yiwu market. As Yiwu city is famous for its commodity trade business, there are so many industry associations yiwu, keeping the market order as well. Industry association yiwu cover almost every industry, such as the zip industry association, stock industry association, and the knitting industry association and so on.

Take the Zipper trade association of Yiwu for example; it is set up by the Economic Development Administration as a non-profit organization. Recently, it has more than 160 members including 44 council members. The function of the association is making rules according the whole market situation and protecting the right of the members, encouraging the learning progress. In a word, the association is to make the zipper trade move to a better future. Moreover, it links the companies and the government together to push the development not only the own industry but also the whole market.

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