How to Get Chinese Driving License in Yiwu

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Foreigners: How to Get Chinese Driving License in Yiwu

Chinese Driving License cover

Chinese Driving License cover

Walking around in the street, careful Yiwu citizens may notice such a phenomenon that there are more and more foreigner drivers among the coming and going vehicles. The drivers with varied skin colors contribute to the stronger international atmosphere of the mall.

Abu du la from the United Arab Emirates has got the driving license in his country, while in order to travel conveniently, he is busy these days with the Chinese driving license. How can foreigners get driving license in China? What does it take to get the Chinese driving license for foreigners? Is the so-called “International Driving License” valid in China? What should foreigner drivers in China pay attention to?

It’s not difficult to get a Chinese driving license.

Foreigners have to get a Chinese driving license if they want to drive in China. Motorcycles, small cars, trucks, medium buses, large trucks and other vehicles all have corresponding licenses.

chinese driving license

James King,an American who got the chinese driving license in 2005

Question 1: Some foreigners have driving licenses issued by their countries, some foreigners may never learn how to drive. What are the differences in procedures if they want to get a driver’s license in China? Is the “International Driving License ” valid in China?

Answer: Foreigners with their own driving license can obtain the corresponding license in China by “certificate exchange”. First of all, foreigners need to have legal ID documents, such as residence permit, consular mortuary certificate, passport etc., and then translate the relevant documents and driving license into Chinese version with the help of translation company. After that, he (she) has to apply for Jinhua Vehicle Administration, and then take the theory test in Jinhua. If he(she) passes the theory test, he(she) can obtain the corresponding license without taking the road practical test. If foreigners do not have their driving license, he (she) can take training courses in Yiwu and then go to Jinhua to take driving test.

“International Driving License” is a certificate set up by the United Nations to promote the international transport and is part of the UN Convention on Road Traffic. The certificate is printed in different international languages to verify the driving qualification of the owner. At present, more than 100 countries have joint the Convention excluding China, therefore, foreigners with “International Driving License” can not drive in China.

Question 2: In addition to car driving license, how can foreigners with their motorcycle driving license obtain Chinese motorcycle license?

Answer: It’s easier to get motorcycle driving license than car license. Foreigners with motorcycle driving license can apply for Yiwu Vehicle Administration and get the license if he(she) passes the theory test. At present, Yiwu has 36 foreigners holding such license. As most foreigners don’t understand Chinese and can not take theory test on the computer, generally, vehicle administration office will have examination papers available in English, Arabic and other languages. If it does not work, foreigners are allowed to take the exam with the help of translators.

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