Hat and scarf in Yiwu china

Hat and scarf in Yiwu china

Did you find hat and scarf set in Yiwu China, here I introduce a kind of product for you, as the following picture, the color is brown, adopts long shape, with edgings being adopted as decoration. Scarf and Hat Set is suitable for girls. It can be used for warmth-keeping, decoration or presenting. Scarf and Hat Set is made of high quality acrylic fiber material. Scarf and Hat Set is nontoxic, soft, comfortable, snagging proof and pilling resistant. Scarf and Hat Set can match with different kinds of garments

If you want to know Yiwu scarf market or Yiwu hat market, you’d like to click to the link word, If you want to visit Yiwu China to find hat and scarf in Yiwu China, we are Yiwu agent, we could be a professional guide for you to go to Yiwu market, China Yiwu international trade city mainly specialized in many different styles scarves, Such as braids scarf, square scarf, triangle scarf, digital printed scarf, fashion shawl and so on. Meanwhile, there also many hats, like animal hat, children hat, Baby Hats & Caps,Berets, Bucket Hats, Cowboy Hats,Party Hats, Sports Caps, Winter Hats and fashion accessories and so on.

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