Guangzhou And Yiwu Market

Guangzhou And Yiwu Market


10 years ago,most customers only know the Guangzhou market,as we know,every year in Guangzhou have the canton fair,it is the link of china and all over the world.But it is interested for us that we have opened  another market in china as time goes on,though it is in a small city,but we can not say that until now our world can not have it.that is yiwu international trade market.

Both of the markets promote the development of the economic at home and abroad.china is a big country and the biggest of the all the merchandise made by ourselves.

So if you want to come china to make a'd better make a have some suggestions.

Guangzhou is better for the big quantity,because most of them is the factory,the MOQ is a litter large.however the quality is good and every time you can make your own design,they can accept all the requirements by the Guangzhou,all the market are separated.for example,the jewelry market is in one building and the furniture market is in another building.

Yiwu market is in one whole building,it is main for the small commodities.all the small things you can find from here .and one series of the goods are in the same is easy to find different designs,and sometimes you can compare the price with another booth.then you can get the better price.but the price is according to different quality,as usual,one design have less,medium,high yiwu market,there are more than 60,000 booths.every year the booth will increase.

So come to china,both Guangzhou and yiwu are your best choice.your business will be prosperous.

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