Futian Market Map

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Futian Market Map

Futian market is also named yiwu international trade city.Yiwu international trade city is the largest wholesale market all over the word, which contains five districts.It is easy to lose the way in the market ,so futian market map is necessary. 

You ought to buy a piece of futiam market map before you enter into yiwu internatioan trade city.From futian market map, you can see that the market is divided into 5 areas,and each area has their special product..

District one has more than 9000 booths and over 10500 business entities in total.The 1st floor deals in artifical flowers and toys, the 2nd floor for jewelry and hair ornament; arts & crafts and jewelry accessories on the 3rd floor, manufacturer outlet center on the 4th floor and sourcing center of foreign trade companies in the east subsidiary building.

District 2 has District 2 8000 booths and the business entities exceed 10,000.  The first floor deals in suitcases & bags, umbrellas and raincoat; the second floor deals in hardware tools & fittings, electrical products, locks and vehicles; the third floor deals in kitchenware & sanitary ware, small home appliances, telecom facilities, electronic instruments & equipments, watches & clocks etc; the fourth floor is manufacturer outlet center and other high-class business area such as HK Hall, Korea Hall, Sichuan Hall etc; on the fifth floor, there is sourcing & service center of foreign trade.

District 3 has more than 600 booths ,which was equipped with central air conditioners, broadband system, Web TV, data center and firefighting & security monitoring center.

District 4 has more than 16000 booths and over 19000 business entities in total.The 1st floor deals in hosiery and socks, the 2nd floor for Daily Necessities, gloves, hats and other needle cotton fabrics, footwear, Shoes, wool, towels,  lace, neckties on the 3rd floor, bra underwear, scarves and belts,  straps on the 4th floor.

District 5 has more than 7,000 commercial spaces and mainly doing imported goods, bedding, textiles,knitted materials, automotive supplies and accessories industry.

If you would like to know more about futian market map.please feel free to contact us,and we will try our best to make you enjoy your business trip.

Futian Market Map

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