Fu Tai Long Yiwu Shopping Plaza Was Opened to Business

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Fu Tai Long Yiwu Shopping Plaza Was Opened to Business

A new supermarket was set up around Yiwu International Trade City

Located near Yiwu International Trade City, Fu Tai Long Yiwu Shopping Plaza was officially opened on December 18 and became the fourth “foreign” chain hypermarket settled in Yiwu.

Fu Tai Long first set foot in supermarket industry in Jinhua. Although the supermarket industry is extremely competitive, Fu Tai Long hasn’t disappeared from our life, on the contrary, it is expanding and now it’s open to Yiwu. The arrival of Futai Long can add great business atmosphere to Beiyuan trade area and bring convenience to Beiyuan citizens as they can buy goods almost at home. Previously, there was only one large scale supermarket-Tesco in Beiyuan trade area. The arrival of Fu Tai Long will bring more choices to the nearby citizens, especially by the end of the year when supermarkets are always very crowded. Since this area only has Tesco supermarket, every New Year or on holidays, Tesco is always crowded with people.

Oriented at middle and high-end market, Fu Tai Long Plaza covers all customers with different consuming abilities. Sticking to the “Famous + Fashion + Leisure + Parity” idea, regarding international top quality goods as product configuration, international second-tier brands and domestic top brands as the subject and domestic second-tier brands as the supplement, Fu Tai Long will fill the market gap in Beiyuan business circle.

In recent years, the development of merchandise trade has promoted the consuming ability of Yiwu citizens. Looking good of the strong business atmosphere in Yiwu, various chain supermarkets come to set up chain stores to make use of the mall market. With the continuous development of Yiwu economy, more and more large supermarkets will be set up around Yiwu International Trade City.

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