Fenli Socks Aims to Promote Its Brand at Yiwu Fair

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Fenli Socks Aims to Promote Its Brand at Yiwu Fair

Yiwu Fair has been successfully held 15 sessions, Fenli Socks has never missed. This year, they have booked 6 specially equipped exhibitors on the Fair in the purpose of displaying its new products. Xinjun Liang, deputy general manager of Fenli Group Import and Export Department stated, “Obtaining orders is not our primary objective of attending exhibitions, now we’d rather place importance on promoting our brand and enhancing exchanges and cooperation among this industry through the Fairs.”

Temperature in Europe began to fall down at the end of September and the whole northern hemisphere began to experience deep autumn and early winter earlier than before, which has brought the “rash season” of socks sales. Liang said, “The cost increase of raw materials such as cotton yarn resulted in the wholesale price rise of socks, but there are still so many orders that are beyond our productivity that we have to refuse politely. Our new plant is in construction now and we have bought 1000 sets of hosiery machines. Next year, our annual output is estimated to be twice this year with 400 billion pairs of socks.”

Obviously, it’s far from enough to complete such a large sales volume on our own. So we need to take part in the enhibitions and enhance the enchanges and cooperations with other socks enterprises, help some SMEs to grow strong so as to form a joint force. At present, socks OEMed by SMEs in accordance with a certain quality creteria account for 10% of total sales of Fenli socks. Cooperative relationships with many OEMs were established through Yiwu Fair.

“After ten years of development, Fenli Socks has gained certain advantages in customer resources. We will further share parts of products through exhibitions and cultivate good customers,” said Liang. Although Fenli Socks has a large market share in the Middle East, Africa and some other regions, yet it’s more attractive to markets of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. Therefore, they are aiming to further promote its brand through Yiwu Fair and search more potential good customers such as salesmen of supermarkets, superstores and international brands etc.

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