Energy-saving Luminaires: Mainstream of Lighting Products

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Energy-saving Luminaires: Mainstream of Lighting Products

Recently in Yiwu International Trade City, the trading volume of lighting products are increasing steadily. Low-carbon and energy-saving products become the mainstream of sales.

With the recovery of world economy, industries are becoming to expand. From the beginning of this year, consumer demand has been increasing and sales volumes of lighting applications are rising steadily. Meanwhile, inquiries and orders from Southeast Asia, Europe and the U.S. purchasers have increased, the proportion of industry export rised by over 5%.

Low-carbon, energy saving products are more and more popular with consumers. As the awareness of environmental protection of consumer groups at home and abroad have been raised, low-carbon, solar energy products and LED energy-saving lamps are hot on sale. Solar flashlights and lamps with microcomputer control system can meet the needs of different families. These solar products have various categories and are innovative in performance, so they are very favorable to customers from Africa and Eastern Europe. The lifespan of this LED light is three to five times the lifespan of an ordinary energy-saving light.

The Christmas lighting products purchasing peak has arrived. Christmas string lights, Christmas tree lights and other products are hot on sale these days. Colorful tree lights, pumpkin lights, net lights, curtain lights, waterfall lights and other new products are emerging in endlessly. In addition, a variety of solar energy Christmas lights designed in the concept of low-carbon and environmentally friendly are sought after by foreign purchasers. In a word, the prospect of solar lighting products is delightful.

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