Egypt Consul-General is willing to be spokesperson of Yiwu Market

by | Aug 5, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

The Chinese Consulate Consul General Alexander Paul Jenkins, accompanied with the Yiwu delegation initiatively, and participated in the next October fair promotion activities. before leave Egypt, Zhan Jing Bao and his wife, arranged a special banquet for the delegation of Yiwu. Paul Jenkins introduced delegation of Yiwu to the Egyptian newspapers, television, radio and other media reported, the relevant circumstances. the local daily consumer goods accounted for more than 80% from Yiwu, he and his wife visited the market, the locals take the Chinese pronunciation of “Yiwu” to attract business, “Yiwu” have become the golden card in China. the Egyptian Consulate issued more than 5000 merchants visa per year to Yiwu, . Paul Jenkins, said: Yiwu in the Sino-Egyptian economic exchanges have played a special role, he will play the role on advocacy Yiwu, engage in commercial activities for facilitate the customers in Egypt.

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