Economical Exquisite High-quality Wide varieties Yiwu Fashion Jewelry

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Economical Exquisite High-quality Wide varieties Yiwu Fashion Jewelry

Since reformation and opening, the shrewd businessman in Yiwu has created a “petty commodity great market” myth. After 1990s, the trend of the time and the great advantages of petty commodities markets sped  the development of the jewelry industry. So far in Yiwu International Trade Mart the jewelry industry has its professional market, Jewelry market, Thriving Accessories Market and Jinfuyuan Jewelry plaza which just opened. The manufacturers and sellers have reached more than 8,000. It is unique in our country and deservedly become the leader of the industry, so Yiwu is also known as “the Capital of China’s jewelry.”

It follows that Yiwu has the vast source of jewelry. The reasons that the customers at home and abroad choose Yiwu as their jewelry wholesale market are not only the exquisite design which can lead the fashional trend, but also the favorable price, high-quality and wide varieties.
From Yiwu Jewelry Trade Association learned that the jewelry is the largest block of four industries in the International Trade Mart and its development  is the most powerful. Now in Yiwu jewelry manufacturers is everywhere. So do not worry about the delivery of goods, we can provide customers with the products timely and accurately.

As more  and more manufacturers in the industry and an adequate raw materials , the production cost is low , the jewelry is economical. Yiwu has many years’ experience in the jewelry production, in addition, the local relevant institutions monitor them ,so its products are super ,environmental and healthy.

Not only Yiwu jewelry has advantage in the variety , quality and price ,the more important is that the styles have led the international trend. Yiwu jewelry is distinctive and updates faster. 925 sterling silver, Thai silver, silver plated products have promising development. The new style has more various kinds of jade as decorative inlay. The sales of welding accessories and all kinds of alloys have the breakthrough in Middle East and Western Europe. High-grade natural jade with the function of health, wealth become increasingly popular. Various jewelry made of diamond, zircon, crystal has good sales potential. Pearls and imitation pearls are more used for all kinds of jewelry. The producers research and develop new products based on customer requirements.With the faster updates, Yiwu jewelry can stand in front of the fashion trends.

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