Doll Plush Slippers Are Hot on Sale This Season

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Doll Plush Slippers Are Hot on Sale This Season

With the continuous arrival of cold air, cute cute plush doll slippers sold at Yiwu International Trade City have attracted the attention of many young people. A pair of suitable doll plush shoes will not only warm your feet but also appear to be very fashionable and with personality.

Onccc reporter visited Yiwu wholesale shoes market and found inside the shoe shops that dolls plush slippers are favorable, especially the rabbit doll slippers, which is to be one of the most popular models this winter. No matter he/she is an office white-collar, house woman or still a student, they all like to buy doll plush slippers to make their toes the most beautiful scenery.

2010 winter doll slippers have many popular styles and shapes, but the most notable are those with cartoon animals, such as cartoons bungy, the wizard cows, shy rabbits etc., all of which are all very popular with girls. These plush slippers are not only soft and comfortable with no heavy feeling, their versatile colors are also fascinating. They are mostly solid in color, and some are adulterated with many popular colors such as red, blue, purple, white and even a variety of grid patterns. Of course, the most noteworthy is that cartoon plush slippers are very rich in looks, and these lifelike looks make people burst into laughters. Wearing in such slippers, girls may feel she is with a cute little pet. How much is one pair of such cute slippers? Are they expensive? Girls who desire to buy may think about the price.To our joy, this kind of shoes only sell 10 to 20 yuan a pair.Really attractive, right?

Yiwu Slippers Sales Zone: Yiwu International Trade City: 3rd Floor, 4th District.

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