Day: April 23, 2013

Visit to shanghai and Yiwu

Visit to shanghai and Yiwu  Shanghai is China's largest city,also known as the beach,one of the four municipalities in China,China national center city,an international metropolis.The center of China's economy,science,technology,industry,finance,trade,exhibition and shipping.Shanghai has China's largest foreign trade port and the largest industrial base, cargo throughput and container throughput ranks first in the world.  Yiwu is located […]

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Nail tips manufacturer in yiwu China

Nail tips manufacturer in yiwu China Nail tips manufacturer in yiwu China is located in the biggest wholesale market in China.The factory is specialized in producing and saling all kinds of nail art products,nail glue,like Process nail,hand diamond nail, process printing , Children nail,the bride nail, 3D nail,Art Salon nail, A piece of blank,flocking nail,Nail […]

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