Day: June 9, 2012

Futian Yiwu

Futian Yiwu Futian Yiwu is very popular and it is also called international trade city, it is located in Futian Road. Along the road, the whole market is Futian market.  It is obviously that Futian Yiwu is the biggest market among Yiwu market. Futian market usually divide into five parts, different parts in the markets […]

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China Yiwu

China Yiwu  As the modernized service and cultural conjunction, China Yiwu is growing from a small one beginning into a mighty, and now it is becoming stronger and stronger, especially these five years, China Yiwu as the biggest culture products in many is named as China yiwu international trade city.  In order to hold […]

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China wholesale

China wholesale is belonging to many areas and there have many different lines of places. If you would like to wholesale many quantities of goods, China is your best choice. China wholesale is a big amazing to many people. China wholesale is spreading in China everywhere. The wholesale products include millions of kinds for the […]

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