Day: May 14, 2012

Yiwu easels

Yiwu easels Do you like painting? Yes!Here you could find a good partner as you draw. Yiwu easels can meet your needs in very way. The big size, small size both has different styles. Yiwu easels are located in International Trade City District 2, and the first floor. Easels consist of few braches jut and […]

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Yiwu stapler

Yiwu stapler Stapler is very common in Yiwu market. Everyday, they use staplers to staple their name cards on the customers’ notebooks. So we can see the advantages of staplers. What’s more, the teacher in the school have many students’ tests, a stapler can help them stick all the tests together so that they could […]

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Yiwu rulers

Yiwu rulers Rule is used to draw a line, measure the length of something. The material of Yiwu rulers, which seated in International Trade City District 2, are made of paper, wood, bamboo, leather and so on. The types of Yiwu rulers usually include angle square ruler, right triangle ruler, isosceles triangle ruler. When we […]

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Yiwu motorcycles

Yiwu motorcycles Yiwu motorcycles are driven through gasoline engine,it need hands to operate the two wheels or three wheels. They are very easy and flexible, and they are very fast to drive. They are widely used to patrol or take some small quantity goods. Motorcycle has a long history and they it is used everywhere. […]

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