Day: March 1, 2012

Yiwu toys

Yiwu toys Yiwu toy market has various toys, and sells around the world. For example: in Yiwu International Trade City, a special Barbie doll not only has a set of stylish clothing, but jewelry accompanied. Such as boots, handbags, necklaces, combs, hair dryers, etc., some gift packaging with the clothing of all kinds of occasions. […]

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Yiwu toy factory

Yiwu toy factory Are you wanted to visit Yiwu toy factory? Or making orders directly from Yiwu toy factory? if you think so, here I want to explain for you, most of the Yiwu toy factory have display room in Yiwu toy market, it is located in Yiwu China international trade city District 1, 1st […]

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Yiwu kitchenware

Yiwu kitchenware Yiwu kitchenware is located on 3rd Floor, District 2 of International Trade City. 300 shops are doing kitchenware business, I can’t describe one item details for you, because Yiwu kitchenware market is so big, the goods is much more, so I just can led numbers for you. The category of Yiwu kitchenware mainly divide into […]

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