Communication Market in Yiwu

Communication Market in Yiwu

Yiwu communications market now ranks as a leading communications market in East China in which mobile phones, telephones, computer hardware and software and other communication terminals and accessories are sold. In the market you can not only find a series of well-known brand like Nokia and Motorola Sum sung, but also those brands with Chinese characteristics such as Lenovo and Opporeal. Yiwu communication market is fully equipped with central air conditioning, alarm monitoring and fire alarm system, spacious and convenient parking environment, with dining, entertainment, accommodation train services, industrial and commercial tax service management approach. The convenient location makes foreigners easier to reach.

Those foreigners who want to buy a new mobile in Yiwu always go to this market for its proper price and high quality. The most important point is that there is also SIM card available. There are many hotels and banks near the Communication Market. It can be expected that, with the rapid rising position of China Commodity City, Yiwu Communication Market will gradually develop into a domestic and international telecommunications companies and wholesale and retail market in the mainland by promoting the management and the grade of products. Someday it will be the productive information industry exhibition center and a domestic communication market with great capacity. 

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