Clothing to children in class

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When studying any History topic, children are normally quite interested in the types of clothes which people wore. This activity requires the children to find out information about clothing of the past, so that they can make costumes for two models.

1) Teach the children about the clothing styles of the time that you are studying, or let them research this information for themselves using books and other reference sources.

2) Give each child a photocopy of the worksheet , which shows the following picture of fours girls (enlarged onto an A4 landscape page).

3) Ask the children to design some suitable clothes for the two children using the information they have found out about clothing. These clothes should be drawn on paper (making sure that they are a suitable size), cut out and stuck onto the models. If there is time, the children could also cut out the models (with their new clothes) onto card and make a class fashion display using these.

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